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Hair colour gone wrong HAIRDRESSERS HELP

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Monty27 · 14/10/2018 01:09

I have been colouring my hair at home for years, successfully. I can't afford to have it done at the hairdresser's.
I have been going grey for years and managed really well to go lighter and lighter to disguise the greys.
From brunette to an almost dark blonde I suppose.
Anyway the numbers on the boxes keep changing and today I put a colour on that has taken me back a couple of years. It's too dark.
I washed it in fairy liquid later on.. I know I know. Followed by coconut oil which I shall keep on overnight.
It doesn't look any better. Sad
Advice please?
All that hard work gone. It's a boohoo I know but does anyone have any advice?
The greys had been coming out as blonde especially because of the sun
Anyway rant over. I am prepared for a lynching about vanity. I am not vain.
Just pissed off I fucked up. Sad

OP posts:
CrumpledStiltskin · 14/10/2018 01:59

Not sure if it is true but I have heard that vitamin C tablets ground up into a paste will lighten hair colour quickly or you can buy a shampoo that is designed to fade hair dye. I will see if I can find the name of one I used a while ago but I imagine someone with more experience will be along soon.

alphajuliet123 · 14/10/2018 02:09

I’ve done the exact same thing before, more than once, and it will lighten the more you wash it.

Which dye was it (think I’ve tried them all!)? My biggest fuck up was when Nice & Easy changed their packaging, my fail safe ash blonde turned my hair brown and roots readybrek orange. It’s taken a couple of months and lots of blue shampoo but I’m getting there. Yet to find a perfect box dye to replace the old N&E one which I darent try again!

Monty27 · 14/10/2018 02:58

Thanks both. It was Clairol.
I sat racking my brains how to get it off. They say not to wash for a couple of days after colouring so I thought about the harshest shampoo I might have. I didn't have any so fairy liquid came to mind.
They say fairy liquid is even soft on the hands I suppose that must be true then Sad
I have also heard head n shoulders takes colour out. Not that I have ever needed it but I might buy that later today.
What is blue shampoo?
I will try vitamin c too.
The colour puts 10 years on me.
I shall wash it every day with whatever suggestions I get and try and keep it conditioned with coconut oil.
It's like a pc crashing and losing years of work.

OP posts:
Monty27 · 14/10/2018 03:01

It might have to get it cut off and start again Wine

OP posts:
Squeakyheart · 14/10/2018 03:14

You can buy colour remover from Superdrug as a friend did similar and it helped!

bellanotte22 · 14/10/2018 03:15

Could try a colour b4 stripper? I would strand test it though.

Monty27 · 14/10/2018 03:17

Someone told me not to ever ever do that. I'm not ruling it out though as I might have to get it cut short anyway.
Thanks though, another idea. Flowers

OP posts:
fortyandfrumpy · 14/10/2018 03:36

I used the colour stripper when that happened to me and it worked well. It comes out a teddy colour so you need to dye over the top.

I tried the vitamin c tablets. They work but not enough if it's really dark.

Monty27 · 14/10/2018 03:48

fortyandfrumpy but what colour teddy? Grin
Thanks everyone for your posts. I do feel self indulgent and I know it's not the end of the world, it was just that ppl were always complimentary about it.
I have had a couple of drinks now to calm me down. As you can pobably tell.
Your support had been great though everyone. Thank you. Flowers.

OP posts:
ThisIsTheFirstStep · 14/10/2018 03:51

I'd just cut it all off and start again. That's what I did and it is really refreshing and so nice to grow your natural hair, it feels so soft and lovely and healthy.

princesstiasmum · 15/10/2018 23:03

Hair dye remover from Superdrug or boots, i have used it in the past very successfully,then redye it with a lighter colour than you really want,as they all seem to go darker than advertised on the box
Medium blonde maybe
I have coloured my own hair for ever,and only once it went wrong, too dark, now its light blonde and i am mostly grey with dark strands here and there

Monty27 · 15/10/2018 23:34

Thanks everyone. I have washed it first time in fairy liquid as I said upthread and again with normal shampoo. It seems to be lifting off a bit.
I am too scared to use any stripper stuff.
But thanks.
It needs a cut anyway. But I don't want to go short Sad

OP posts:
Tisthedev · 15/10/2018 23:39

Vitamin c will strip colour.
Mix vitamin c tablet or powder with shampoo into a paste and leave it on your hair. Check every 15mins or so. Wash out when ready.
It may leave it brassy so be prepared to redye afterwards.
In my experience it leaves your hair dry but nothing a few conditioning treatments won't fix.

iggleypiggly · 15/10/2018 23:50

Head and shoulders shampoo, it’s great for stripping hair colour.

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