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Cos Men's Coats

3 replies

FashionFiend · 13/10/2018 10:25

Are the good quality? My dh is 45 and tends not to look after his clothes. He needs a new smart coat but not sure if Cos are hard wearing enough.

OP posts:
Boredboredboredboredbored · 13/10/2018 12:52

My dp is a somewhat hip 51 year old and bought a lovely grey coat from Cos last winter. The cut is fab, as is the material. It still looks like new this year 👍🏻

FashionFiend · 14/10/2018 14:49

Thanks we'll head to Cos next weekend so. 😊

OP posts:
fiorentina · 14/10/2018 20:20

The ladies coats wear well, I’d think the men’s ones would be the same.

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