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Where is this dress from?

5 replies

itchybumhole · 11/10/2018 09:28

Anyone got any idea where this might be from please?

Where is this dress from?
OP posts:
AjasLipstick · 11/10/2018 10:02

This from Asos is similar

I googled "Cut out dress orange fit and flare" and "Cut out dress coral fit and flare" and a few combos with "Full skirt" and this is the closest

itchybumhole · 11/10/2018 11:28

Thank you Lipstick!
That's the closest I've seen so far. x

OP posts:
Twentyseventrombones · 11/10/2018 12:56

This pedigree will probably put you off it but here is Vicky Patttison wearing it in 2016. It doesn't say who it is by but given it is 2016 suspect it won't be on sale other than Ebay.

batshite1 · 11/10/2018 14:02

It looks Self Portrait or copy of.

AjasLipstick · 11/10/2018 14:22

Bat is right! It does look like a copy of the Ayelette dress.

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