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Where can I get this coat for less?

13 replies

Tanyaaah · 10/10/2018 09:40

I love this coat but it's way too expensive. Anyone seen anything very similar for much less???

OP posts:
oohyoudevilyou · 10/10/2018 09:58

Try the discount codes for Hush on HUKD and other voucher code sites (I usually have to try a few before I get one that works) and buy through Quidco for 5% cashback.

hendricksy · 10/10/2018 13:35

There was a lighter brown one like that in my Tesco earlier . Def the same style and length though!

littlepotatoes · 10/10/2018 14:46

Have just gone to look at that and discovered Tesco no longer do clothes online 😳

guffaux · 10/10/2018 14:55

mango and zara and esprit have similar for less

hendricksy · 10/10/2018 15:48

No Tesco don't unfortunately . It was in my one today though so I would guess it would be in big ones ?

BrightonGallery7 · 10/10/2018 20:12
Blondielongie · 10/10/2018 21:20

That is lovely. I saw this one in JL.

Looks better in real life. Not fitted though. Similar colour.

Tanyaaah · 11/10/2018 12:47

Thanks! I'll take a look at those suggestions.

OP posts:
Tanyaaah · 11/10/2018 12:48

I like the Kin one but it looks massive on the model!

OP posts:
Laska5772 · 11/10/2018 15:27

if you would be a new Hush customer I can send you a £20 off 'mention me' code if you want and you'd get another 5% going through Quidco.. Its not much .. but then if you really wanted it ?

Pm me if you want the code ..

hendricksy · 11/10/2018 16:24

I'd like the code of no one else does please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Laska5772 · 11/10/2018 17:21

henricky I have pmd you .. You do need to spend £100 though.. so it may not be any good for you if what you want is less. Sadly there are no other codes around at the moment apart from a free delivery one . which is OCT18L

I can still pm anyone else with my code if they want as its not single use

hendricksy · 11/10/2018 17:24

Thank you 😊

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