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Help needed. Wedding clothes for a fat, tall-ish woman

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BikingBeatrix · 05/10/2018 13:57

I’ve been invited to a wedding. In 7 weeks. And l’ve no idea what l can wear. I am tall-ish, just over 5’ 9, size 18-20. Aged mid tot late 50s, okay late. These days l wear leggings and tunics and baggy cardigans. I understand l can’t wear my trainers to a wedding. Fitted dresses tend not to fit on my non-waist so sacks look much better - which is why tunics tend to look better on me. The waists on dresses usually ride up and sit too high. In 7 weeks l might lose a little weight but it’s not realistic l’d lose enough to be less than an 18. Big bust but bravissimo dresses tend not to suit me due to height. Aargh.

I know nothing about what colours are in or out. Or hats? Are fascinators in or out? Whatever l end up wearing l’d like it to be re-wearable if possible. I don’t like baring arms or indeed bingo wings either so l need sleeves. My budget - up to £ 200 altogether but preferably less. I can probably find a suitable bag in my stock but l’ll need to get shoes etc.

OP posts:
carbuckety · 05/10/2018 15:06

Go to a department store eg John Lewis and book a personal shopper session. Give them your budget and your dress size and what occasion it is. They will help!

Laska5772 · 05/10/2018 15:14

No reason you cannot wear trousers to a wedding . how about with ths red tunic?

or perhaps this dress with opaques and a shoe in one of the colours? this is a good time to get burgundy opagues and shoes

Laska5772 · 05/10/2018 15:25

This is also nice You could wear its with cigarette trousers and nice small heels or flatties

BikingBeatrix · 05/10/2018 18:18

These are good ideas, thanks to both of you. I hadn’t considered trousers but smart dark ones might work - it might solve the problem of foot wear too as l could wear flat ankle boots. As long as l can avoid mum boots. Grin I don’t like heels though l do wear them occasionally. I live in the sticks but l might get to a city next week to try things on. I much prefer online shopping but l think l might be better in a shop shop! I’ve perused the JL website just now and got a few idea too, so all is not lost.

OP posts:
sleepismysuperpower1 · 05/10/2018 19:25

something like this maybe? link flats would work with it, as well as tights

BikingBeatrix · 06/10/2018 12:24

Aargh, no, animal skins are best on the relevant animal! That’s just me, l no likey but thanks for trying. Smile

I think l’ll order a couple of things online today and then head to the metropolis next week. Luckily l can allocate a little money to this venture. It’s a very quick turnaround as we got invited only this week, which in some ways is good, but it doesn’t leave much time to plan ..... we need accommodation in and will travel a distance too. But we’d accepted so on we go.

OP posts:
BikingBeatrix · 06/10/2018 12:25

Apologies for typos above.

OP posts:
sleepismysuperpower1 · 06/10/2018 12:59

oh gosh, really sorry, thought it was faux leather. totally agree that they should stay on the animal!

BikingBeatrix · 06/10/2018 16:49

Oh, sorry from me now. You didn’t offend and l am sure it’s fake fur. Just l don’t like the pretend stuff either!!

This afternoon l’ve been looking at Adini - they do good semi-formal and casual wear for us big girls. I am seriously tempted to go down that road with one of their dresses with dark tights and flat boots. Not sure where to find flat black ankle boots - l have big feet too! That way l can just ignore all the shiny fabrics and forget any hat nonsense. Mm, l need to think ....

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