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What's cool in earrings?

13 replies

SheWoreBlueVelvet · 03/10/2018 21:30

Any trends? Those curtain tassel ones are done.

I need really nice earrings as a birthday gift but aside from thinking "Art Deco" is frumpy and skulls are try hard I have no idea.

Please help.

OP posts:
Namechanger55555 · 03/10/2018 21:31

Oliver bonas have some great designs.
I quite like the odd pairs. (I.e ones that don't match)

GimbleInTheWabe · 03/10/2018 22:21

Yes I couldn't get on board with the tasseled ones either, OP. Good riddance!

I think statement earrings are still in though. I still love a timeless mid size hoop earring but some of the wackier arty type statement earrings are nice too.

CaseStudyResearch · 03/10/2018 22:40

I've seen a lot of tortoiseshell around - either big circular studs or in hoop form. Warehouse probably have the nicest.

thefirstmrsdewinter · 04/10/2018 00:11

I like Toolally earrings. They're very lightweight and colourful, but more subtle than they look in photos.

ConsiderHerWaysAndOthers · 04/10/2018 00:25

I don’t know exactly what you mean by really nice but Monica Viander have some stunning earrings. I think their ‘climber’ earrings are very cool and have my eye on some for Christmas!

ConsiderHerWaysAndOthers · 04/10/2018 00:26

Sorry that should be Monica Vinader!

GimbleInTheWabe · 04/10/2018 07:27

Agree with @ConsiderHerWaysAndOthers about Monica Vinader- really stunning jewellery and the blogger Fleur De Force has had a 20% discount code in the past that I've used to buy a few rings. Though if I'm honest I do think it's quite over priced, even though I've bought, owned and loved my rings from there.

Hurley Burley is a total gem of a website. Hit and miss trend wise but sooo much choice, the price point is fantastic and delivery was super quick.

bitofabelly · 04/10/2018 11:09

Konplott- stunning earrings

TheCakeDiet · 04/10/2018 11:18

I came on to say tortoiseshell as well. These are pretty (Ralph Lauren but sure there are lots of cheaper options around).

What's cool in earrings?
GimbleInTheWabe · 04/10/2018 11:38

Ooh I love those @TheCakeDiet!!

keepingbees · 04/10/2018 11:43

I personally like studs, I think Pandora earrings are nice.

tobee · 05/10/2018 14:20

I like Iapetus for inspiration. Quite a few styles, lots of price ranges.

TeamDixon · 05/10/2018 15:28

Astrid & Miyu have some really nice ones!

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