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maid of honour .........desperately need help

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ratclare · 12/06/2007 17:07

ok im going to maid of honour for best friends wedding in september and i need some advice . can anyone suggest a flattering shape of dress for a size 16 , i have a corset type contraption for squeezing me in , and also colour suggestions ,im fair skinned with mcky brown coloured hair ,although im probably going to have some colour put in for the wedding ,there must be loads of glam mums on her who can give me some advice ,the reception is being held in a field ,if that helps,registrary do

OP posts:
ratclare · 12/06/2007 17:38

she may well make me wear a mereingue!

OP posts:
Ettenna · 13/06/2007 16:21

A halterneck would look good if you have good shoulders and aren't too big up top (that's if your corset is strapless) I wore a Monsoon sea green long halterneck to a very formal wedding and it looked good. I have similar colouring and would suggest blues/greens esp. if your eyes are lightish. I wouldn't have anything with spaghetti straps. You could also do a very simple elegant strapless dress with a slightly flaring skirt. (like a long A line)

collision · 13/06/2007 16:31

If you have big boobs then dont do strappy.

I think that a 'Much Ado about nothing' style with the dress flaring from the boobs is very flattering.

Actually not flaring but do you know what I mean?

I think most colours would suit you. She must be choosing the colour though. Has she mentioned it?

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