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Dry shampoo

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Queenofthedrivensnow · 30/09/2018 20:25

If you use it and you have greasy hair can you explain your method? If I could cut hair washing to twice a week it would be heaven!!

OP posts:
Plural · 30/09/2018 22:54

Spray, brush out and go is all I do

Dangermouse80 · 30/09/2018 22:57

I have fine greasy hair and have only just discovered the way for fine hair. On the day I wash my hair, I spray it on quite heavily before bed. Then next morning brush / style and a quick spritz . If I don't apply at night my hair is too greasy as I usually wash my hair every day. Hope that helps!

justilou1 · 30/09/2018 23:05

My hairdresser told me that everyone uses it wrong. I use it directly after washing and drying my hair. I get extra volume for two days and it stops the next day greasies BEFORE you see it. By the time you see the grease it’s too late. It soaks it up, but it just looks cloggy and gross.

justilou1 · 30/09/2018 23:06

BTW - klorane is the only one that doesn’t make me itchy and rashy

Queenofthedrivensnow · 01/10/2018 20:07

@justilou1 this is what I was I'm washing my hair tonight. So do I apply it straight away when it's dry?

OP posts:
JoeMaplin · 01/10/2018 21:39

The Aussie dry shampoo - something like 'blow dry in a can' has been a real game changer for me, and I've used loads of dry shampoos in the past.

justilou1 · 01/10/2018 23:07

Yep! I was doing it wrong too. Btw - after years of dry hair, perimenopause has brought with it mega greasies and seborrhaeic dermatitis. Hormones are just wonderful things. I was almost having to wash my hair twice a day because my scalp is actually sensitive to it’s own oils and becomes inflamed and sore as a result is stewing in it’s own goo. Trust me on the fighting true grease thing. (Oh, and I have the typically fine, naturally blonde hair - lots of it, but when it’s in a ponytail, it looks like a toddler’s.)

justilou1 · 01/10/2018 23:08

Oh, and I also have found that if I spray it and let it sit for a couple of minutes before massaging it, sometimes it gives a better result re-volume.

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