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12 year old dd spotty chin - which concealer to use?

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Bigblueballoon · 30/09/2018 12:04

My 12 year old dd has started to get quite a spotty chin and the odd spot else where. We have started a really thorough cleansing regime etc. and they do seem to be improving a bit, but she would like to cover them up during the day at school. Some of her friends use concealer. I am worried about making the spots worse by using make up but would happily get her some if anyone could recommend one. Could really do with a bit of advice. Thanks

OP posts:
haverhill · 30/09/2018 12:07

Rommel Hide the Blemish is the best concealer ever if you ask me. She’ll probably need to lightly powder over, though.
Don’t be too ‘thorough’ with the cleansing. I spent spotty teen years trying to remove all traces of grease from my skin, only to realise that very gentle treatment improved my skin tenfold.

haverhill · 30/09/2018 12:08

Rimmel Grin

Passthecake30 · 30/09/2018 17:30

Definitely Rimmel hide the blemish.

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