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NEXT's chunky chelsea boots - what kind of jeans go with them?

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underoverunder · 28/09/2018 13:54

I have ordered the NEXT chunky chelsea boots to wear casually when rushing around on a weekend with kids and I need something comfortable and quick to put on and off.

I'm not sure whether to keep them though. I used to wear chunky boots around 10-15 years ago but that was pre-skinny jeans. I have big feet and worry about how ridiculous big boots look with skinny jeans. Do you think they're supposed to be worn with skinny jeans or other styles?

OP posts:
Coffeepot72 · 28/09/2018 14:17

Can you post a link to the boots?

HildaZelda · 28/09/2018 14:52

I have a pair of Chelsea boots and wear them with black skinnies. Then again, I wear everything with skinnies!

underoverunder · 28/09/2018 15:00
OP posts:
MaryBoBary · 28/09/2018 15:58

I would definitely wear these with skinny jeans OP, and a big chunky knit jumper!

Candlelights2345 · 28/09/2018 16:37

They will look good with a thick / thin jumper and jeans. Very nice for autumn

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