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Cleaning white glitter DMs

2 replies

ravenia · 26/09/2018 19:27

I bought white glitter Dr Martens last winter ( ) however on digging them out of their box to wear I'm noticing they look rather grubby... not dirty as in muddy, more like scuff marks and light dirt (pic of typical mark attached)

I've tried diluted liquid soap and washing up liquid, but not sure what else I could try to get them a bit more presentable? All my DMs end up like this and I haven't a clue how to prevent it. This pair look particularly worse being so light.

Cleaning white glitter DMs
Cleaning white glitter DMs
OP posts:
Vodkalovesme · 30/09/2018 21:43

Did you find out how to clean these? My dd has the exact same and I'm scared of her wearing them Blush

LaurenQuestions · 19/12/2019 19:57

@ravenia hi there, did you find a good solution for this? I have the same struggle with the oxford version of the white sparkly Docs.

The best thing you can do when you first get your DM's is spray them with Scotch Guard or DM protector. This will prevent stains, scuffing and dirt from clinging to your shoe. Then, I've been using granite cleaner/polish and a beauty blender (I know, its a mess) to get the dirt off of the shoes. Spray again with Scotch Guard when you are done cleaning to prevent need for further cleaning.

Why did I choose granite cleaner? It is made for removing dirt and grime while reducing dullness and adding shine. I've found it makes the sparkly shoes look bright white and shimmery! When I used regular soap, it didn't do very much.

Why did I choose a beauty blender? Because the surface of sparkly Doc Martens is not regular leather or suede like the other DMs. The sparkly shoes seem to have "pores" where the dirt sticks around the glitter, therefore a very porous sponge is the best for cleaning

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