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WTF has happened to Primark's sizing?

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CrabbityRabbit · 26/09/2018 14:50

I am generally a size 12ish at the moment although do fit some size 10.

Just been to Primark and got a coat in a size 8 which was still loose enough to wear several layers underneath and a jumper in a 2XS which is meant to be size 4-6. No way am I that size! The jumper is supposed to be slouchy I suppose but it is still a little loose!

WTF do actually small people do? I am still losing weigh atm so no idea if I'll be able to continue shopping there.

One point in their possible defence is I wasn't buying anything like jeans which have no give although the coat was fitted. Confused

OP posts:
tierraJ · 26/09/2018 18:49

Dunno, I tried on a cord mini in Primark that was a 14 yet too tight - in River Island I'm a 12!

& Primarks size 12 tees are too big for me.

NotUmbongoUnchained · 26/09/2018 18:51

I’ve found their sizes have gotten smaller. Went shopping with SIL today and she’s usually a 12-14. The 16’s were too tight on her. Made her feel pretty shit so we went to new look.

MarthaArthur · 26/09/2018 18:52

Its stupid. Small in primark is now classed as a 10-12 medium is 14-16 and large is 18-20 size 4 6 and 8 are now extra small all lumped together. Its nonsence.

Loonoon · 26/09/2018 19:23

For years I have been a medium in Primark t shirts and camis. All of a sudden I am a small. It’s ridiculous, I am a top heavy, plump, middle aged woman who wasn’t even ‘small’ on top when I was a teenager.

TruffleShuffles · 26/09/2018 19:28

It is bizarre, I used to be prepregnancy a small/8-10 in primark yet now they’ve changed sizing at 29 weeks pregnant with a large bump I am still a size small in tops and joggers?!

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