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Luxury advent calendar.

7 replies

FluffyPinkCloud · 22/09/2018 05:01

I’ve decided to treat myself to a luxury advent calendar this year. Which would you recommend? Liberty? Harrods? Someone else?
Money is no object.

OP posts:
FabulousTomatoes · 22/09/2018 08:45

If money was no option for me I’d probably mug myself off but the Jo Malone one. I love their fragrances and candles but suspect I’d get better value for money if I just bought a few of the full size versions in the fragrances I like. It would be fun though!

FabulousTomatoes · 22/09/2018 08:45

Buy not but. Obvs.

LilaGrace · 22/09/2018 08:46

There's already a comprehensive thread about this- see below

Beauty advent calendars....

Nanasueathome · 22/09/2018 08:49

Jo Malone is also producing her own advent calendar this year
Her brand is Jo Loves
I’ve had the Liberty calendar for the last 2 years and bought the beauty stuff with free gift(products worth around £350) a couple of weeks ago and have filled last years empty box with the goodies for my daughter
Ive had the Jo Malone calendar a couple of years ago and whilst it was very nice I felt that the price matched the value.
Harrods looks good and Fortnum and Mason also have a beauty advent calendar thus year which looks very nice

Fishfingersandwich3 · 22/09/2018 08:55

I think the best looking luxury one is Liberty. It has more unusual niche brands and excellent value. Some more of my thoughts here in case you’re interested!

FluffyPinkCloud · 22/09/2018 09:04

@Nanasue that’s a lovely idea. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to appreciate that kind of thing. Thanks all so far.

OP posts:
IHaventStoppedCravingYet · 22/09/2018 18:24

I’ve ordered the elemis one this year and I’m really excited about it Smile

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