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Petite/shorter me out

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northnorth · 21/09/2018 16:19

Getting annoyed now- have bought 3 swimsuits from 3 different places and all too long. I’m 5”2 and don’t want to wear a bikini or tankini. Getting annoyed because keep coming across swimwear for “longer” bodies but nothing for us shorter ladies 😡. ASOS has a petite range but it’s utter crap. Can anyone out there recommend somewhere? I’m away in 2 weeks and at this rate won’t be able to go swimming x

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NearWildHeaven · 21/09/2018 16:21

I don't think it was petite but I bought mine from Boden and it's fits perfectly. I'm 5 foot

northnorth · 21/09/2018 16:30

Thanks! Do you mind me asking what one is was? I bought one from there last week, the Alacati I think, and it was too long! X

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MatildaTheCat · 21/09/2018 17:05

I’m short and busty and recently bought a swimsuit from Figleaves which fits like a glove. To be honest it’s going to be a matter of ordering a load and sending most back. Tesco used to be good but although I would say I do have a short body I’ve not had this problem.

CountFosco · 21/09/2018 17:39

I'm 5'2" and I have a Zoggs swimsuit that has adjustable straps. It's very functional though (I swim for fitness 4 times a week) so maybe not the best for a holiday?

I've just bought an Amanzi suit from Proswimwear, they are a good brand but have more colourful designs than the likes of Zoggs. It doesn't feel too long on me so they might be an option. TBH I'd try a few different brands from there and send back what doesn't fit.

snowballupahill · 21/09/2018 18:49

I am short and really like Seafolly. They are expensive but wear really well. I find i swim once a week and want something that holds it shape and lasts for a year. Goddess is one they make and they are also good with tankinis and bikinis, they don't bag and seem to have all sorts of clever stitching/scaffolding... (I'm 43 size 8 5ft and wobbly..)

hendricksy · 21/09/2018 18:50

My Primark cossie has adjustable straps !!

northnorth · 21/09/2018 20:27

Thank you everyone ! I will try all of these....just seen a very pretty seafolly one....really hope I can find one. Don’t want to go down the high waisted bikini route x

OP posts:
Strongbeatsskinny · 21/09/2018 20:37

I’m shorter than any of you that’s posted I always wear bikinis but for the water park I like a one piece mines by Freya.

bloopitybloop · 21/09/2018 20:44

ANother vote for Zoggs - they fit me perfectly and I am 5.2 - I also have one from M&S that also fits very well

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