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Jewellery for significant birthday

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BeaLola · 20/09/2018 00:12

Looking for ideas. DF and DB want to buy me a piece of jewellery that will mark my 50th - so lovely of them and very generous - it is particularly important to my DF.

Now I wear jewellery and love it - not sure though what to get. I want something that I can wear a lot and not just leave in a box for special but I want it to be special IYKWIM. I am very sentimental about jewellery and will often wear pieces to reflect certain occasions etc eg for my late Mums birthday will wear something she bought me as a teenager .

I have some small simple diamond studs that DH bought for our wedding and later on a diamond pendant. Have several bangles and bracelets that I alternate which DS has bought for me for Mothers Day and have reasonable amount of earrings and necklaces for Everyday ranging from .Links of London to pearl studs, costume jewellery etc. I would have gone for a special watch but DH bought me that as his gift.

All ideas very welcome.

OP posts:
SpeckledyHen · 20/09/2018 00:41

No budget mentioned so I’ll start with a Cartier Love bracelet :)

Pigeonpost · 20/09/2018 00:58

I would pr

Pigeonpost · 20/09/2018 01:01

Whoops! What I was trying to say is that I would probably go for another pair of stud earrings but a different colour stone. Is your birthstone a colour you would wear (mine isn't one I'd wear)? I would however wear some beautiful emerald studs or sapphires.

Pigeonpost · 20/09/2018 01:05

I'm currently having a ring and studs made with salt & pepper diamonds by a friend who is a jeweller. Worth looking at as they are quite different and I think stunning. Still neutral though.

wellhonestly · 20/09/2018 08:31

I commissioned a brooch for my 50 th from a silversmith after seeing examples of her work at an open studios event.

0ccamsRazor · 20/09/2018 08:40

My dh gave me a diamond watch for my 40th and my parents gave me a pair of diamond studs that they had commissioned. I only ever take my watch off when I am kick boxing and the stud earrings I wear a lot, both items are classic and timeless.

pinkmagic1 · 20/09/2018 08:44

I would say earrings too. Like a pp suggested, maybe your birthstone if it is one you like.

AwaywiththePharaohs · 20/09/2018 09:11

Diamond studs or a Cartier watch?

BeaLola · 25/09/2018 23:53

Thank you for all the suggestions.

Lots to choose from. Salt and pepper diamonds soundlovely . Birthstone studs would be good and love bangle may be a bit too pricey but have always fancied on of those. DH suggetsed tennis bracelet but I wonder how practical they really are ?

OP posts:
DeRigueurMortis · 26/09/2018 01:03

Do you have a rough idea of budget?

I'm lucky to have been bought and inherited some lovely jewellery over the years.

I do however find I get the most wear and hence enjoyment of of the more classic pieces I own, rather than the most valuable.

For example I have (to my mind) the most perfect pair of gold hoop earrings from Tiffany and likewise a beautiful pair of drop diamond and amethyst earrings from them also (dressy enough for the evening but still work in daytime).

I've a number necklaces but I keep coming back to a really simple (sorry Tiffany again) item by Paloma Picasso that's really modern and imho stylish (it's like a really chunky gold oval that can be worn on a black silk cord (or other colour) or a gold chain. I wear that far more than the vastly more expensive diamond pendent I own - it just works better for both day and night iyswim.

I can't really advise on bracelets- not my thing, I find they get in the way and I catch them on things so rarely wear the ones I've inherited.

One thing I would say is not to discount the idea of pre-loved items.

I bought a fabulous Cartier watch and ring on Vestaire (they guarantee authenticity) and have seen some beautiful jewellery on there.

You can get a lot "more" for your money than buying new. If anything it's worth looking on there for inspiration and also seeing what holds its value (not suggesting that's a major factor but it is interesting to see what's held up over the years and become classic).

Just as a note I only buy pre-loved if it's in its original box and with its certificate of authenticity.

Good luck and happy birthday!!

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