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funky earrings that won't make my ears green

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Flamingoose · 15/09/2018 07:35

Can anyone recommend somewhere that sells funky, fashionable studs made of gold or silver? I'm wearing some lovely plain geometric shapes at the moment, but they were cheap as chips and my lobes are going green Hmm.

OP posts:
thedevilinablackdress · 15/09/2018 09:35

Accessorize, Cos, Etsy

RadioSilence · 15/09/2018 11:00
RadioSilence · 15/09/2018 11:03

Sorry, posted too soon. I have ordered from them and was pleased with the earrings. The customer service is great too,

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 15/09/2018 11:43

Accseeorize earrings are lovely but so flimsy. Look in the shop, some are broken even while still on the card!

Flamingoose · 15/09/2018 21:04

Yes, I definitely meant something nicer than accessorize. I don't think they're gold or silver are they? I don't really mean high street fashion. That's what I have now, turning my ears green Grin.

I want proper metal good quality earrings that I can wear every day, but modern design.

Will check out the link now Radio. Thank you :)

OP posts:
SerenityNow00 · 15/09/2018 22:09

Tada and Toy have some nice stuff

Blondielongie · 16/09/2018 00:13

What about Oliver Bonas?

sonlypuppyfat · 16/09/2018 09:21

I've bought some beautiful earrings from QVC

thedevilinablackdress · 16/09/2018 11:33

Accessorize sterling silver earrings:

Had some decent plain studs from there.

This range is gold plated:

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