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Perfume - Byredo Mojave Ghost

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Didsomeonesaybunny · 14/09/2018 17:14

I’ve received a 12ml tester from Liberty for Byredo’s Mojave ghost. I love Byredo candles but I’ve never tried their fragrance. I adore this smell but wondered if any of you have it, do you love it and whether it lasts?


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MeMyElfandI · 14/09/2018 21:22

Sorry I don’t have it but if you check TK Maxx website they have a few Byredo fragrances including Mojave Ghost.

LunaTheCat · 14/09/2018 23:14

Byredo is not too bad - lasts longer than Jo Malone. It is hard to judge with perfume as you can never smell it on yourself!

Didsomeonesaybunny · 15/09/2018 11:10

@memy - great tip, I didn’t know they stocked that. I’ve managed to get it for £30 off.

@luna - that was my concern that it’d wear off, I find that all 3 of the Jo Malone’s I own have no real staying power. Happy to report that I spritzed myself before bed and I could still smell it 8 hours later.

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