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Tight shoes....

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Aaarrrggghh · 14/09/2018 08:13

Wondering if anyone can help?

I've got a pair of shoes that I love but the heel on one is just a bit tight. They're a brogue style.

What are your best tips for stretching them out so that they don't pinch?


OP posts:
fabulousathome · 14/09/2018 10:19

I read online that you put a plastic bag of water in the shoe and put the whole thing (wrapped) into the freezer. Water expands when frozen.

It might work.

fabulousathome · 14/09/2018 10:21

As a side thought, my mother used to say 'If you want to forget your troubles, wear tight shoes'.

It works, you can't think about anything else!

pumpkinyael · 14/09/2018 10:30

Take them to a cobbler. They can fix that in many cases :)

ToooTicky · 14/09/2018 10:50

I took a pair of boots to Timpsons earlier this week as they can stretch them to widen.

They recommend leaving them with them for 2 days and I only costs £5, so not worth the hassle of doing it myself!

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