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Freezyderm SPF

8 replies

luckycat007 · 12/09/2018 18:11

Has anyone tried this? If so what do you think? Just looking for a cheaper alternative to Clarins at the moment. Thank you Smile

OP posts:
SallieSallow · 12/09/2018 19:44

Yes I have used both the clear and tinted spf 50 and really like both of them. Clear is very primer like & great under makeup and the tinted one I wore in place of foundation during summer. Not sure how much your Clarins is but frezyderm is in the £15 - £20 range so not mega bucks but not super cheap either.

We've discussed it A LOT on the Fantastic Skincare threads on here (it's how I first heard about it) but I won't send you off down the rabbit hole reading them as the frezyderm posts were in between all kinds of other chat Smile

But basically the verdict from those of us who tried it was pretty evenly split between some who love it (like me), some who really liked it apart from it made their eyes sting, and some who found it made them oily.

poppym12 · 12/09/2018 19:48

I used the spf 30 (untinted) last week whilst in the Canary Islands for a few days. It didn't feel like a sun cream at all and I didn't develop any irritation even though I usually avoid 'cones. (neither did I develop any colour on my face).

The only thing that bugged me is the huge container for just 50ml of product.

EyeSaidTheFly · 12/09/2018 19:55

I've got it and it's ok. Much prefer body shop spf tbh, once it's on you'd not know you were wearing it.

mintmagnummm · 13/09/2018 05:44

I absolutely loved it, it was the best spf I've used BUT it stung my eyes so bad I had to give it up 😫.

BookMeOnTheSudExpress · 13/09/2018 06:43

Yes, bought on the back of the skincare threads on here.

Fabulous stuff. Will definitely repeat purchase. Spf 50 and a great primer all in one.

CutesyUserName · 13/09/2018 07:36

I also have both the tinted and the normal F50 versions. I like them both a lot. It acts as a primer under my makeup and I don't need to use moisturiser with it, either. However, I don't find it quite as matte as my usual Biore Bright Milk or Biore Watery Essence (Japanese sunscreens, both of which are awesome) so if matte is an issue for you, you'd be better off going for Biore. Frezyderm is about £17 on Amazon, the Watery Essence the same and Bright Milk about £11.

luckycat007 · 13/09/2018 08:38

Thank you very much everyone. The Clarins is around forty for a tiny bottle so I've ordered frezy from amazon. I've had Biore in the past and would use that again but I found make up didn't always sit right on it... if the frezy acts as a primer also that would be useful. I've got the non tinted one - I never get on with tinted stuff. My skin is oily and it tends to get darker during the day with a tinted product!!!

OP posts:
CutesyUserName · 13/09/2018 08:57

The tinted Frezyderm acts like a CC cream, so it suits most skin tones. I'm olive skinned and it works really well for me. My friend is quite fair skinned and it works for her too. It gives great coverage too. I used that instead of foundation or my usual CC cream. If you like the Frezyderm, might be worth a try.

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