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Help! Need advice quick re hair bleaching emergency!

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NoNoNoNo · 08/06/2007 18:37

So, my son, who has red hair, went blonde last year for the Summer. Wanted to do the same again this year. So I bought a home kit, though a different one from last year. ", THis one was "nice n easy", but it didn't take, resulting in a teenage sone with dark orange hair and consequent angst.

Since he couldn't leave the house, I went to the phramacy and picked up another kit, this time the same one as was used last year, with more peroxide. You can see where this is going, can't you? the mixture, when applied to his poor tortured head, hurt like hell. We caved and rinsed, and he now has light orange, rather patchy hair. He still can't leave the house.

I'm thinking it needs a rest, and maybe some rich oil-based conditioning, and tomorrow we can try again with the peroxidey one.

What do you think? Help. I can't have him indoors moaning at the mirror all summer ....

OP posts:
chevre · 08/06/2007 18:38

go to a hairdresser before you scalp the poor kid. i suspect a VERY close haircut is on the cards. DO NOT try anything else yourself.

NoodleStroodle · 08/06/2007 18:38

I think in times like this you have to bite the bullet and get to a good hairdresser for help. I really would not be putting anything near his head for sometime - his scalp must be agony

NoNoNoNo · 08/06/2007 18:40

probably a hairdresser then. His scalp is fine now, actually. Only his ego is hurting

OP posts:
NoNoNoNo · 08/06/2007 20:12

OK, brought him to a hairdresser who said to leave it for a week or so, and then a barber who tidied it up a bit, and recommeded aloe gel to heal up his sensitive scalp. He didn't get a really tight cut, as the colour isn't that bad, just patchy, and not what he wanted.

So now he's gelled and depressed.

Thanks for the advice.

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