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Colours - dyed hair does it change things?

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YukonGold · 09/09/2018 23:34

Hi all,

Reaching out to colour experts. A bit about myself..

Grey blue eyes
Pale freckles
Dyed grey/ white hair (naturally dark brown but a bit red)
Very very pale skin
Veins on my wrist are purple

I used to dye my hair bright ginger but over the last 9 months have gone grey. I’m 48 and with the help of my hairdresser I’m embracing the grey and yes it’s dyed at the moment but as the dye grows out we think that we can get a great natural look.

I’ve gone from mid back, strong fringe ginger to pixie crop grey.

I nw need to sort my wardrobe, can’t really afford to get my colours done but I think that I am a winter, does that sound right to you guys?

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