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I need hair up do recommendations

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IHaventACluedo · 08/09/2018 12:17

My hair is bra length, dark brown, straight and thick. It is either washed and down or in a very boring pony tail scraped back off face harshly and elasticated middle of back of head. I've tried over the years to do something different but not had the confidence, time or skill.

Some women seem to effortlessly get a clip, twist and look like a French aristocrat in 5 seconds. I think the thickness of my hair makes it difficult to just throw it up with a clip too. I have thick hair but it is more fine hair and loads of it.

So, those of you with long, dark hair. What styles can you recommend?

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sleepismysuperpower1 · 08/09/2018 13:01

i like a messy bun. pop your hair up in a pony tail, then literally wrap your hair round the pony tail hairband. then grab another band, and wrap it round the bun, as if you were making another pony tail. done!

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