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DIY bikini wax/hollywood

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NicoAndTheNiners · 08/09/2018 08:19

Am I bonkers to consider this? Is it painful? is it safe? Don’t want to burn my bits.

Currently shave as I just don’t have time to get to a salon regularly. Have had my legs waxed in the past and am ok with that level of pain. Never had a bikini wax.

Can anyone recommend any products/brands?

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HeyMacWey · 08/09/2018 08:57

A bit bonkers to go for a full Hollywood.

It'll take you more time to DIY than it would to go to a salon. They'll whip it all off in a few minutes whereas it'll take you a good hour to DIY especially as you've not done one before.

MeanTangerine · 08/09/2018 09:00

Um. You could do the very edges yourself, the actual bikini line, if you will. Bikini line is a step up in pain on waxing legs. A Hollywood is a few more steps up from there. Also, waxing yourself is usually more painful than being waxed by someone else (can't get the skin as tight etc).

Someone is bound to come on and say they do it all the time and it's fiiiiiiiiine. I say: remember you can always get in the shower and wash the wax off.

Elledorado · 08/09/2018 10:51

A beautician can do it in under 10 mins. It's not super painful either with hot wax. I have used veet microwave hot wax for just the side burns (ie inner thigh hair) in an emergency but otherwise just get a professional to do it.

NicoAndTheNiners · 08/09/2018 11:44

I just work full time long hours so it's more the travelling to somewhere rather than the actual appt time.

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