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Ugg outlet in York

2 replies

Justanotheruser01 · 07/09/2018 15:45

Just wondering if anybody has any experience of this place and whether its worth going to have a look? Wanting to buy my first pair of uggs!

OP posts:
GraceMarks · 07/09/2018 19:15

Do you mean the one in the MacArthur Glen outlet? I've looked through the window but tbh I don't like Uggs so I've never been in. As far as I can see, they have a decent range and they're cheaper than normal but these outlet shops often sell out of popular sizes quickly and don't get new stock in very often. So you can visit the same shop months apart and see the same old stuff that they can't shift.

That said... the outlet as a whole is great for an afternoon's shopping. It's worth a look just for the discounted Hotel Chocolat stuff if you ask me!

brumblebee · 07/09/2018 19:46

I was there a couple of weeks ago with a friend who found just what she wanted and was impressed with what was in stock. There are more sizes out back so do ask if you don't see what you want.

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