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Leather or faux leather jacket but not biker style?

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LaGruffaloGrumble · 06/09/2018 11:57

Hi wise S&Bers. I am not usually one of your people (since I have little in the way of either style or beauty!) but was wondering if anyone had seen any nice black / grey / dark purple leather or leather look jackets for winter, wearable with jeans / dresses.

I'm about to turn 40 and have never worn anything like this before so nothing too 'out there'. Everything I've seen is big lapels, lots of zips, belt, biker type style. I think I'd rather have something collarless, maybe a couple of zipped pockets at a push but relatively simple.

Anyone seen or tried on anything they've liked the look of please?

Next has this but I'm not paying £400! But something in a similar style would be ace (although actually don't like the zips at the wrists!).

OP posts:
Tessellated · 06/09/2018 16:19

Have a look on ASOS. Lots of choice on there - the brand Vila has a couple of non-biker style ones but there are probably others too.

LaGruffaloGrumble · 06/09/2018 16:38

Oooooh that Oasis one is amazing! I shall go and have a look at ASOS now too. Thanks for the suggestions :)

OP posts:
Palmer1983 · 06/09/2018 16:46

That next one looks so nice but £400 Shock
There's these Debenhams ones on amazon

They do in wine black and khaki but the oasis one is gorgeous as well Grin

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