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Maternity Clothes for Pear Shapes?

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Paranormalbouquet · 31/08/2018 10:40

Looking for some maternity clothes- am 24 weeks with number 2. Size 14/16 pregnancy (14 on top, 16 on bottom) although usually 12/14- had gained weight prior to pregnancy. Haven’t gained any weight since then so possibly a 12/14 now. I’ve only bought a few maternity pieces- a skirt in serpahine, dress in Isabella Oliver. Have jeans from last pregnancy but they just fall down so mostly wearing some old hush harems at the weekends!

I need a capsule wardrobe for just a few months- ideally some things that I can wear on the way down afterwards also! The problem is that I’m used to highlighting my waist and avoiding anything too tight on my enormous arse/thighs. Since I’ve now lost my waist I’m totally lost for what to wear! I’ll need some smart tops/dresses for work and some casual weekend clothes. My thighs are my widest point and I hate drawing attention to them. Bump is high and mostly out in front, chest about a 34F at the moment.

Any suggestions for places that cater for my shape when pregnant? I’m terrible at shopping online!

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hammeringinmyhead · 31/08/2018 11:57

I'm 29 weeks and have made 2 orders from Happy Mama.

They have lots of skater shapes and some real bargains like this in black. The quality is basic high street but I've had a lot of compliments.

I also really rate ASOS maternity dungarees and their Ridley maternity jeans for casual wear (the jeans have belt loops, essential) and have had a great dress from Mamalicious, also from ASOS.

hammeringinmyhead · 31/08/2018 11:59

I realise the dress is a pencil shape but if you size up a bit it should be quite flattering.

LisaSimpsonsbff · 31/08/2018 12:02

I had exactly this problem - wardrobe full of clothes that were tight on waist/top due to pear shape that then stopped fitting pretty early in pregnancy. I wore lots of empire line maternity dresses - I know lots of people hate them, but I felt good and confident in them. I got good stuff from H&M and Dorothy Perkins. I would also advise completely ignoring anyone who tells you not to buy maternity and just to buy in a bigger size - that might work for some body types but it made me look really fat and frumpy - I looked much better with the bump more highlighted and fitted around.

Paranormalbouquet · 31/08/2018 12:20

Thanks to you both. I know I had this issue when pregnant before and I always felt horrible and frumpy throughout.

Lisa I haven't looked in DP- will take a look now. I definitely know not to buy a size up- I think that only suits people who usually suit the skinny jeans/loose top pairing and that's not me! Hope all is well with you and your little one!

OP posts:
LisaSimpsonsbff · 31/08/2018 12:35

Oh hi para - I didn't look properly at OP and so didn't see it was you! We're doing really well, thanks - I hope all's well with you?

For some reason it seems to be a bit of a point of pride on these boards among some people that they never bought anything sold as maternity clothes - good for them, but it looked dreadful on me!

Waggily · 31/08/2018 12:39

I’m pear shaped and have found dresses from jojomamanbebe to be quite flattering, especially the wrap style dresses. I’ve bought a couple from eBay for £5 or so, that might be worth a look?

Paranormalbouquet · 31/08/2018 12:43

24 weeks today Lisa! I think it's sinking in that this might actually happen, hence my odd reluctance to buy maternity clothes to this point! But I'm now forced to accept that I have well and truly outgrown most things and while slobbing about in leggings is fine at home, it's not work appropriate!

Waggily I'll take a look in Jojo today. We have a store locally but it's quite poorly stocked but eBay is a good shout!

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