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Keratin smoothing system

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EarlyIntheMorning · 29/08/2018 08:32

Always late to the party as per usual but I am considering this. My hair is longish (below shoulder), quite fine, highlighted; used to have a decent wave to it but not anymore; now it's just frizzy if I don't blow dry it straight. Even when I do, any humidity in the air makes it puff up and it really looks ugly.

I have never liked poker straight hair though, and I am worried that the keratin smoothing system will make my hair look lank and flat.

I would love to hear opinions of anyone who's had it done recently.

OP posts:
EarlyIntheMorning · 29/08/2018 14:19

no one?

OP posts:
Northernlass99 · 29/08/2018 18:07

I use the do it yourself kit from amazon which is fab. Not lank, just less frizzy. There are very many threads on this topic so if you do a search you will find all the info you need.

AnotheBloodyChinHair · 01/09/2018 08:59

Ooh I have been thinking about this as well. Any specific products anyone would recommend?

ferneytorro · 01/09/2018 12:55

I had this done yesterday (not for the first time) at the hairdressers. It was the Keratin complex intelligent blow dry and lasts approximately 12 weeks. I'd recommend it. The one I had you can wet your hair immediately after - one I used to have you had to not get your hair wet for 3 days after. I have it done as humidity gives me frizz, even if I straighten it. It does strip a bit of colour out so I always have that done after rather than before.

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