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Desperate! Tips to help me look good on holiday

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TimeThief · 27/08/2018 23:24

Long time lurker, first time posting.I know it’s late in the season and apologies if there are older threads with the same theme...Going on a sun hol in a few weeks and looking for some fashion and beauty tips to stop me looking my usual frumpy self. Was of course supposed to be a size or two smaller, and whilst I have lost a bit of weight, I still have a bit to go! Approx 5ft 4, size 12-ish. I never seem to have the “right” clothes / look for any occasion and holidays fill me with the same dread of having nothing to wear. So, any advice re clothes / beauty tips would be much appreciated!

OP posts:
WipsGlitter · 28/08/2018 06:13

Where are you going and what will you be doing?

I also looked frumpy in holiday photos. My tips would be:
Good / flattering sunglasses
An easy hairdo to combat frizz / lack of time for styling
A smart hat - I have a proper Panama hat
Light and loose cover-ups for the pool - I bought a boden one but it's so thick and hot I can't be arsed putting it on!!
Three flattering swimsuits / bikinis
Flat sandals - I have ones with a bit of silver on them that go with lots

I'm away atm and I've worn about half what I brought with me. I've not worn two sparkly tops, a black silk shirt and trousers.

TimeThief · 28/08/2018 08:32

Thanks @WipsGlitter. Hope you are having a nice time. Sun holiday, south of Spain, with young kids so will just be staying near hotel / beach / local town. Bit of a back story I won’t bore you with but have an emotionally abusive “D”P who runs down my appearance and just don’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me looking fat and middle-aged as he likes to describe me. Probably the wrong reasons, but also want to look reasonable for myself and my kids. Hair is as it is and nothing hairdresser can do with it to make it more manageable on hols. Have left it late to be looking for holiday clothes/shoes...Was thinking of getting brows/lashes done (never have before)...

OP posts:
3stonedown · 28/08/2018 10:32

Hi OP! Firstly your "D"P sounds like a prick, seems like you already know that and his opinion isn't worth thinking about. Clothes wise I think sticking to neutralish clothes on holiday looks so much better. The usual brit abroad in neon orange primark always looks frumpy to me.

I stopped getting lash extensions and they started thin out my natural eyelashes but I think they are fine as a once in a while and honestly they make me look fab, I don't need make up if I have lashes on. Eyebrows too, I would get them threaded. Could you get your nails done? I'd stick to neutral colours again, purely as the sand makes strong colours look a bit dull after a couple of days. You could use a gradual tanning moisturiser to build some colour before you go.

Twistella · 28/08/2018 10:34

A tan
A tan
A tan

Big sunglasses
A nice hat (Panama)
Lip balm
A mattifying sun screen for your face so you don't look red and shiny
A loose cover up
Brighter dresses than normal with thin straps but loose.

thedevilinablackdress · 28/08/2018 11:00

No 3/4 length trousers that you get from the supermarket.
Lots of books about ditching shitty people from your life.

WipsGlitter · 28/08/2018 11:05

Agree ditch your DP!

I'd get brows shaped but not tinted as it might look weird if you're not used to it.

Gel pedicure.

Tinted body lotion.

Get out all your summer stuff and be utterly ruthless throw out anything faded bobbly ill fitting etc.

TimeThief · 28/08/2018 11:49

Working on the ditching part...that’d be a whole other tearful thread.

Holiday prep so far:-
Spray tan booked
Appt for hair cut/colour in the grey

Thinking of getting that Yumi lash treatment rather than full on false lashes. Anyone had that done? Would be anxious not to lose any of my own lashes...
I usually fill in my brows with powder so would like to have them done...wouldn’t want to look fake though!
Re clothes - not sure I have a collection to even root through :(

OP posts:
Sweetheart · 28/08/2018 15:13

Holiday clohtes wise pick some good key colours that all go together and stick to these so everything you have matches. My holiday clothes are all:-

navy blue, beige, brown neutrals
plum, coral accents

WipsGlitter · 28/08/2018 15:49

Try charity shops! Lots of people clearing out at the end of summer!!

chickenchip · 28/08/2018 15:54

Yes to the gradual tan body lotion Smile

mononoaware1907 · 28/08/2018 16:09

Hi, OP!

A vote for Yumi lashes! I love it.

Tips? I caught myself thinking about me looking ugly on holiday (we're leaving in the next few days) and then I realised I don't give a fuck. You need to learn to look in the mirror and LIKE yourself. Sure, do whatever you have to do to love yourself. Hairdresser, nails, a bit of tan, lashes, but ultimately you need to be at peace.

From your OP, I figured you will never be at peace when you have such a toxic person in your life. In the end he might even affect the kids self esteem! Do you want that?

Please consider this, even if I'm just a stranger on a random forum....

hendricksy · 28/08/2018 17:15

I always have my eyelashes dyed before holidays , it makes so much difference to my face and means I look more natural and better without make up .

TimeThief · 28/08/2018 18:00

Thanks for all the replies. I realise I need to be happy in myself and looking better is the least of my real worries in a time of huge emotional upheaval. The reality is this will probably be our last “family holiday”, as the family now stands. Looking a little bit better won’t solve my problems but if it makes me feel even a tiny bit better then it’ll have served its purpose and will be worth it.

OP posts:
DelphiniumBlue · 28/08/2018 18:02

You could just get your lashed tinted rather than some treatment that you're not sure about. I get blue/black lashes and brown eyebrows - looks natural enough. Costs range for the tinting and threading from £20 in my nearby mall to £38 in posher salon - you could get it cheaper outside London, I reckon.

Chimichangaz · 29/08/2018 08:32

If you want to buy clothes you're not too late - Next still have huge stock in their clearance section online. I'm going away in a few weeks and I spent a happy 2 hours on Sunday placing a huuuuuuge order!

Gradual tan is a good one - I mix in with normal body lotion so it's even lighter.

I had my eyelashes permed a few weeks ago and they look fab.

Good luck working on ditching your OH. I was in the same position a few years ago, took me ages to make the decision but once I did, and we actually split, I cannot tell you how amazing it felt. Still single, brought up a fab DS, and have a workable relationship with ExH. ThanksThanks

RainySeptember · 29/08/2018 08:54

Nothing to add really because you've already had lots of good advice. I am sure you're gorgeous already, but hope you look and feel even more fabulous on your holiday, just in time to get rid of your awful partner, what a shitbag he is.

FWIW my holiday prep is :

Chiropodist for immaculate sandal feet
Gel nails
Eyelash tint
Eyebrow shape and tint
Hair cut & colour

On holiday, minimal natural makeup and wear my hair up mostly. Gorgeous sunglasses of course.

If you're pushed for shopping time you could try a personal shopper at a dept store, maybe somewhere like John Lewis. Tell them what you broadly want & they'll find it or at least give you good ideas to shop elsewhere.

specialsubject · 29/08/2018 09:35

your kids will know you hate each other so why waste more time? go on holiday without the spare arsehole, enjoy and tell him to be gone on your return.

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