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Denim Jacket

5 replies

toohottoohot · 26/08/2018 21:42

I'm short, apple shaped and 41. I rarely wear trousers or jeans and am usually in dresses or tunics with leggings. Can I wear a denim jacket? And what style? And colour? Thanks

OP posts:
ShopoholicIn · 28/08/2018 08:35

I think you very well can.. i bought one this year n wearing it now as it is turning cold..i really like this one from next.

uncomfortablydumb53 · 28/08/2018 11:49

I got a second hand River Island one from eBay years ago and it still comes out every spring. I've also had some nice next ones also from eBay as the " older denim" is better quality I find
I'm 53 and size 12

ShopoholicIn · 28/08/2018 16:20

By the way i recently bought this one

toohottoohot · 28/08/2018 23:00

Thanks, I really like the Next one...and it comes in petite, useful since with the length of 'regular' sleeves I rarely need gloves Wink

OP posts:
pickledparsnip · 28/08/2018 23:07

I absolutely love my 2 Levi jackets. You can get bargains on eBay.

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