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Help me find a (second) wedding dress!

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starsandstuff · 26/08/2018 21:20

DP proposed at the weekend and now I'm on the hunt for a dress (whoop)! It's the second time around for both of us and we're planning on mid November so I don't have long. Can you help me with suggestions, with the following criteria please?

  • Kicking myself cos I was 2 stone lighter this time last year 🙄 I'm planning on working my butt off - literally - between now and then but even at my thinnest I was hourglass / pear shape. So a dress that will suit a small waist, curvy hips and B/C bust.
  • I'm 42 so, you know.
  • Legs are sadly not my best feature so nothing short.
  • Not a fan of my upper arms.
  • I did the white bridal gown last time, so I'm happy with colour, a bit quirky maybe.
  • Cheap!!

I like these two dresses from ASOS to give you an idea what I've seen, but I've had some hits and misses from there so not sure what the quality would be.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
OP posts:
Parpulous · 26/08/2018 21:31

Adrianna Pappell do some gorgeous dresses in similar styles, and extremely good quality. I almost wore one of her dresses to my own wedding, but later settled on a vintage 50s dress.

You can find her designs on // or in John Lewis

Corcra · 26/08/2018 21:49

I wore a full length skirt and a blingy top by needle and thread. I felt great.

starsandstuff · 26/08/2018 21:59

Ill have a look at Adrianna Papell, thanks!

@Corca I love Needle And Thread! I've never been able to afford it but maybe the skirt/top combo might be an idea as I could get a cheaper top. Do you have a picture of what you wore if you didn't mind sharing for inspiration?

OP posts:
BellaVida · 26/08/2018 22:05

This is quite floaty and has the flutter sleeves and it can be a colour. There are more on the web site.

Helpmemyhairisterrible · 26/08/2018 22:08

Those are gorgeous, OP! Another vote for Adrianna Papell (in TK Maxx a lot) or maybe Phase Eight?

Corcra · 26/08/2018 22:16

Sure. I’ll have a look and send you a picture.
I’ve always admired folkster stuff.

starsandstuff · 26/08/2018 22:20

@BellaVida that is so pretty 😍 Thanks. Might be a little too traditionally "bride"y in the ivory but I might order the champagne fabric sample to see what it's like.

@Helpmemyhairisterrible I'll check out Phase Eight thanks!

OP posts:
Whatsthisbear · 26/08/2018 22:21

I LOVE the one in the second link op, first one is nice but second is gorgeous

peachypetite · 26/08/2018 22:22


PinkAvocado · 26/08/2018 22:24

That second dress is really lovely, OP!

herecomesthsun · 26/08/2018 22:30

[ Needle and thread]] might be more doable than you think

herecomesthsun · 26/08/2018 22:31

sorry here

iknowimcoming · 26/08/2018 22:33

Coast have some lovely bridesmaid and bridal dresses

starsandstuff · 26/08/2018 22:36

Thanks for all the votes for dress 2! That was my sister's favourite too actually.

@herecomesthsun that was actually the one I picked out of the ones in your first link! Beautiful, but sadly I don't think my back is up to that amount of exposure 

@Corcra I'm loving that site, never heard of them, thank you! I love this but don't think I could quite go for black... In another colour this would be fab.

OP posts:
starsandstuff · 26/08/2018 22:40

Adding ghost and Coast (ha) to the list cheers :)

OP posts:
Foggymist · 26/08/2018 23:02

That second asos dress is absolutely stunning!

starsandstuff · 27/08/2018 00:11

This is on Mialondon and it's so nice.

Do you think it's too weddingy for a second wedding and at 42? I really don't want people to think I'm trying to look like some innocent bride. I mean I don't want to wear a trouser suit but I don't want it to be too traditional to the point where I look stupid.

OP posts:
tethersend · 27/08/2018 00:31
Whwhywhy · 27/08/2018 00:38

I cannot believe the giant pant line in the collective link. Sack the stylist!

(Derail over).

starsandstuff · 27/08/2018 00:52


OP posts:
RavenWings · 27/08/2018 01:04

Definitely try the second dress from Asos, it's stunning. So ethereal.

I like the mialondon one as well, the flow is gorgeous. You're a bride! No one will bat an eyelid if you look like one!

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