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What styling products for bobbed length included.

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NicoAndTheNiners · 25/08/2018 13:36

Had a pixie cut which I used to wax but am growing hair longer now.

Hair is a bit wavy and frizzy. Have just started using Maui shampoo and hair masks which are helping and also have some Aveda smoothing stuff which I put on damp hair before drying which helps.

But I think I need something else to put on my hair after I’ve finished drying it to give it some texture/definition. I put some l’oreal Oil on this morning which said it can be put on either dry or damp hair....put it on when my hair was dry. But don’t feel it’s doing what I want it to do.

Any ideas?

What styling products for bobbed length included.
OP posts:
MistyReturns · 25/08/2018 13:39

Sea salt/beach hair spray? I used to love the texture it gave my hair when it was a similar style.

NicoAndTheNiners · 25/08/2018 13:41

Thanks, never tried that so can give it a go. Any particular brand?

OP posts:
GimmeBread · 25/08/2018 13:52

I use Natural World chia seed hair oil on damp/wet hair then blow dry it. Nothing else but my hair is straighter than a straight thing so I like it swishy.

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