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Combing out wet hair- hair loss?

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QueenoftheNights · 24/08/2018 08:49

How much hair do you lose after washing your hair and combing it out? I use a wide tooth comb and wonder if this is the best way or not? I don't lose hair when I am washing it but for a while now there seems to be too much in the comb when I comb it out.

I'm on HRT which is supposed to help hair. (It's a bit complicated and I won't go into it here because I can ask my gynae sometime, but one of the hormones I take on a cycle- and suspect I may be getting something like the post-pregnancy hair shedding..)

BUT I don't really know any more what is normal hair loss any more.

I feel my hair is slightly thinner but it's mainly when I comb it after washing.

Anything better than wide tooth combs and how to stop it getting so tangled when washing- I use good products inc conditioner.

OP posts:
AuntyJackiesBrothersSistersBoy · 24/08/2018 14:47

Am watching. I’m 56 and on HRT. Recently, I feel my hair’s getting thinner. I have bra strap length hair and use a Tangle Teaser because the hairdresser said I should. But....I seem to have big hair fall.

justanothersugar · 24/08/2018 15:00

My hairdresser recommended a make called wet brush but I've not tried it yet!

Hope this helps! x

ilovewelshrarebit123 · 24/08/2018 15:16

I'm on HRT and have been for three years after a total hysterectomy.

I'm 49 and my hair has thinned considerably since the op. It falls out when I wash it and when I comb it when wet.

To be honest it really gets me down and I've just spent £30 on hair products that are supposed to thicken and stop it falling out. Here's hoping! 😁

My GP said it's the HRT and lack of hormones that cause problems with hair and skin but I don't know what the answer is.

TroubledLichen · 24/08/2018 15:16

I lose whole handfuls whilst washing and during brushing but I have extremely thick hair that’s also curly so it also doesn’t get brushed in between washes. If what’s normal for you has changed then I’d ask your doctor in case it’s a side effect of your HRT medication.

Doobigetta · 24/08/2018 15:41

Loads, but my hair is very long so a dozen strands looks like a handful. I brush it before I wash it to minimise the tangles, and only use a tangle teaser on it wet- seems to reduce the damage,

AuntyJackiesBrothersSistersBoy · 26/08/2018 18:48

Have banned my Tangle Teaser to a bottom drawer and have started using two Mason Pearson products I’ve had many many years. A brush on dry hair and their wide toothed comb on wet hair. I’ll see what happens...

Maelstrop · 26/08/2018 23:51

Only ever brush hair when dry is what I heard. Sadly, I can only brush mine when it’s dripping in conditioner in the shower as it’s incredibly curly. I lost a handful of hair today, but that’s because I very rarely brush it, so a fair amount comes out.

MadamBatty · 27/08/2018 07:18

I’m using Alpechin shampoo, I think it’s slowing my hair loss. I think Plantur is similar?

beanaseireann · 27/08/2018 07:30

Which is better Tangle Teaser or Wet Hair brushes ?
Has anyone used both ?

crimsonlake · 27/08/2018 07:33

Same here, I loose lots of hair after I have just washed it and find loads in the shower plug. Everything I touch at home seems to be covered in my hair including the car.

Tubbyinthehottub · 27/08/2018 07:37

I think it's the time of year too. I lose loads in summer compared to winter.

TheConquestOfHappiness · 27/08/2018 11:03

I use the tangle teaser one that’s meant for wet hair and it’s good. The thing that makes a massive difference to me is also using it to brush my conditioner through my hair when I wash it. So the hair is already detangled and smoothed out so less likely to catch when I brush it when wet (e.g. before drying).

JMAngel1 · 27/08/2018 18:10

I had this and started using Olaplex 3 - immediately after 1st use, the fall reduced dramatically and I feel my hair getting thicker - I wouldn't wash my hair without it now, but it's costing me a fortune! I'm peri-menopausal 46 but not on HRT - yet!

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