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What shoes would you wear with...

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BigPinkOrchid · 24/08/2018 07:34

this dress?

OP posts:
Iamblossom · 24/08/2018 07:36

I am assuming you are buying it in black?

I would wear black patent stilettos for a business meeting, or if you can't do heels or have to walk lots I would wear my red flat pointed toe slingbacks. Could also do any colour ballet flat with that really, as long as they were smart?

ThePricklySheep · 24/08/2018 07:37

Plum is highlighted in the link, so maybe it’s the plum?
I’d go for black, but that’s a bit dull.

ThePricklySheep · 24/08/2018 07:38

I mean black shoes. The plum dress colour is lovely.

BigPinkOrchid · 24/08/2018 07:42

I'm thinking of the plum or green dress. I didn't know if ballet flats might look a bit lost with it...if you see what I mean?

OP posts:
SymbollocksInteractionism · 24/08/2018 07:51

I'd wear something like this.

Fresta · 24/08/2018 08:28

I would wear a shoe-boot and opaques.

BigPinkOrchid · 24/08/2018 08:35

Thanks everyone. I'm going back to work after 5 years as a SAHM and am finding myself massively sartorially challenged! No idea what to wear anymore.

OP posts:
bagelbaby · 24/08/2018 09:07

I've got that very dress on today! It's so flattering. Wearing it in plum. Went for black shoe boots.

BigPinkOrchid · 24/08/2018 09:34

Good to hear it's flattering. I seem to have lost my waist in recent years (baby plus middle aged spread...) and think the dress will do a good job of hiding that fact!

I feel like my calves are too chunky to wear ankle boots with it, but I'll try. I think it's a great look.

OP posts:
bagelbaby · 24/08/2018 09:48

Shoe boots with a heel help the calves situation. Try one on - it looked nothing on the hanger

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