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Lipstick that doesn't make lips go dry and peely

25 replies

deary · 23/08/2018 15:21

I would love to wear lipstick, but every time I do, it comes off, leaving a line around my lips and makes me lips dry, cracked and peeling for days afterwards.
Any suggestions?

OP posts:
wobblebot · 23/08/2018 15:22

I always put lip balm on before starting my make up and put lipstick on last. Use lip liner on the entire lip too always helps!

LadyLapsang · 23/08/2018 16:33

By Terry Baume De Rose is excellent under lipstick and I like their lipsticks too. Channel is good and more widely available

LadyLapsang · 23/08/2018 16:33


nothingwittyhere · 23/08/2018 17:50

I find thick creamy lipsticks less drying than sheer ones. Would recommend Urban Decay or Lipstick Queen Sinner ranges.

CostaGuava · 23/08/2018 18:47

I've tried all price ranges of lipsticks but the best ones I've come across are Primark's liquid lipsticks; a pack of 4 is only £4! My lips get very dry usually but not when I use that!

Floaty2018 · 23/08/2018 18:57

Highly recommend that you apply a lipbalm or a small amount of Vaseline to your lips,let it sink in for 5/10 mins, use a lip primer (the MAC one is good), and along with using a lipliner, your lip colour will stay put and not dry, for most of the day.

deary · 23/08/2018 19:20

Great ideas- thanks

OP posts:
BlairWaldorfsHeadband · 23/08/2018 19:21

Bobbi Brown are good!

KellyMarieTunstall2 · 23/08/2018 19:22

Clarins lippy, wear it everyday.

princessbear80 · 23/08/2018 20:21

L’Oreal Age Perfect lipstick has a nice serum running through the middle. It’s the only one I can wear. I’m only 37 but it works for me!

TakeAChanseyOnMe · 23/08/2018 20:34

Fill in your entire lip with a similarly coloured lip liner. Apply one layer of lipstick, blot and repeat a few times.

“Long lasting” lipsticks will be drying. Best to get something in between and apply as above

Mac is great but I love Kiko for a more budget option. This lip liner is fantastic:

AuntyJackiesBrothersSistersBoy · 23/08/2018 21:22

No. 7. Moisture Drench. Non drying and good colour range.

Shitonthebloodything · 23/08/2018 22:26

I find lip scrubs help with this. Jeffree Star's ones are good as are his liquid lipsticks.

thedevilinablackdress · 24/08/2018 09:10

Doesn't sound like a normal reaction to wearing lipstick - you could be reacting to one of the ingredients? Is it one particular brand that causes this?

cantfindamoniker · 24/08/2018 10:30

I agree. It isn't a normal reaction to lipstick. Do you get the same with lip gloss or non coloured lip balms? If I have any reaction, I assume it could be bacterial and throw it (unless it's brand new). We eat a lot of what we put on our lips so I really wouldn't persist with anything you get a reaction to.

User5trillion · 24/08/2018 10:36

I get this really badly and I would love to wear lipstick but I cant due to this. So what I use a lip liner and colour in my.lips and put lip balm or gloss over the top, I find it longer lasting as well.

deary · 24/08/2018 10:37

Thanks for the thoughts. Yes, I even get it with lip balms so I rarely use them. I've tried lots and lots of brands, the best I've found are the body shop ones with a wand and there was one called lip butter- maybe Revlon? They just leave a lip around my lips though, they need reapplying so frequently and end up gloopy.
I've tried lip brushes, blotting after each layer.
I just cannot believe lippy is so hard to wear for everyone.

OP posts:
EyeDrops · 24/08/2018 10:39

I find No 7 Moisture Drench really good compared to others I've used.

VickieCherry · 24/08/2018 10:42

I get this with most lipsticks and balms - I've resigned myself to the fact that I can't really wear them. I assume I react to something in the common ingredients.

Clarins do a coloured oil balm which is ok (though I still get peeling lips if I wear it too much). What I often do if I really want colour is lots of Vaseline, then blot the lipstick on top, then blot that with tissue. This gives a protective layer and you're just smudging the colour on top. It doesn't last but does look pretty - I can wear any lipstick like this.

QueenoftheNights · 24/08/2018 11:31

Bobbi Brown Luxe lipstick is one of the only ones that doesn't chap my lips but it's around £27.

Clinique Pop with primer- I find feels lovely to start with then it seems to dry.

Just bought a cheap L'Oreal Shine one which is nice but it doesn't stay on- more like a gloss.

Sakura7 · 24/08/2018 11:40

Urban Decay lippies are fab, even the matte ones don't dry my lips out. Do use a little bit of Vaseline before you apply.

Love Mac for colours but the mattes are drying and the other formulas just wear off on me.

Sakura7 · 24/08/2018 11:41

Also the Clinique chubby sticks might suit you, not drying at all and I find the colour lasts pretty well.


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Maliali · 24/08/2018 11:53

Might sound a silly question but what toothpaste do u use? I thought I had a reaction to lipsticks/balms etc because my lips peeled all the time. Don’t know how I eventually discovered it was toothpaste. If yours has SLS in it maybe worth trying one that’s SLS free.

deary · 24/08/2018 14:43

It is definitely lipstick rather than toothpaste. I use toothpaste every day and rarely wear lippy.
I'm considering trying the benefit tint as well. I'd love to wear red lipstick everyday!

OP posts:
User5trillion · 24/08/2018 15:22

Def lipstick for me too, not toothpaste. I used to.use benetint lip stain but I love lipstick for its deep true colour.

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