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Barn wedding.

11 replies

NotAnotherHeffalump · 21/08/2018 06:36

What would you wear to a wedding in a very rustic barn (no heating or proper flooring, seating is hay bales). I'm honestly stumped.

OP posts:
AJPTaylor · 21/08/2018 06:46

Trousers. Large pashmina thing, flat shoes. If driving decent coat and wellies in the car.
My sister had her reception in a barn. Cold and dark.

thedevilinablackdress · 21/08/2018 08:17

Yeah, don't think usual wedding attire. I'd be tempted to go for a long vintage dress that I didn't mind getting a bit trashed and I could wear layers under if needed. Possibly a cape...may be gone too far... Trousers also an excellent plan with an exciting jacket (or cape)

annandale · 21/08/2018 08:20

Hay bales??

Id agree with trousers and warm layers tucked away.

And Voltarol for the backache after sitting on hay bales for three hours

MrsMariaPolouvicka · 21/08/2018 08:27

Is it an otherwise working barn which will be cleaned out for the occasion - it which case it will still be filthy - or is always used for events and just has a rustic feel - in which case it will be cleaner?!

How formal an event is it?

If possible I'd go trousers, but nothing wide leg or anything touching the floor. As flat shoes as possible, wedges maybe. Dark colour on bottom half at least. Bring the wedding style from waist up. Sparkly/sequin satin/silk top. Great hair do, with or without decoration, big earrings, glam make up.

If its later in the year and going to be colder, I'd invest more effort in the jacket than the top underneath as it will be worn most of the time. Just looking at Zara, they already have tons of jackets in the blazer section, from chanel boucle styles, leopard, zebra print, velvet, cropped, double breasted. Pick your style, then wear a plain silky shell top underneath.

Nothing dry clean!

CrazyDogLady87 · 21/08/2018 08:36


it all depends on the type of barn is it used exclusively for events or is it a friends they have asked to use, speak to the bride and get more info ask the couple what sort of dress code are they expecting, me being a bit of an idiot I would rock up in a pair of jeans wellies and a check shirt haha but I doubt that would go down well ! all jokes aside I'm sure the couple would appreciate you asking rather than guessing and turning up in something jeans as I would! are you able to speak to any other attending guest to get an idea of what they will be wearing?

NotAnotherHeffalump · 21/08/2018 09:21

It's in September. The barn hasn't been in use for a number of years, but previously was just your typical working farm barn.So I imagine very dusty. Yes whole family is going and the consensus is not to spend too much money buying new/delicate clothes. I know at least one other person is opting for trousers.

OP posts:
NotAnotherHeffalump · 21/08/2018 09:22

Wedding party have advised to wrap up warm.

OP posts:
CrazyDogLady87 · 21/08/2018 10:00

i imagine the barn would be thoroughly cleaned by then but i agree with delicate clothes hay may rip them..... go in jeans!!! maybe... yes i would, invest in some good quality but not overly expensive black jeans and some nice ankle boots with a chunky heel, that can be worn casual or dressed up, something you can wear again through autumn and winter, a pretty top or blouse and as another poster mentioned glam up on hair and makeup and some accessories, and have layers a faux fur stole or jacket type thing, a pashmina perhaps something easy to take on and off .

AJPTaylor · 21/08/2018 23:54

In that case, maybe just wear dungarees and a check shirt?

Grasslands · 21/08/2018 23:58

look at this for inspiration
photo's of the venue, guests and children

herecomesthsun · 22/08/2018 02:45

I would wear an old burgundy velvet maxi dress that I picked up second hand for £16. Warm, washable, unlikely to show much dirt or damage and a bit glam with it.

And warm layers on top, coat, maybe a shawl, so I could keep warm or discard as it suited me through the evening.

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