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Need some help with my autumn wardrobe

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MissMiss1 · 20/08/2018 23:01

I have decided that I need to get some new trousers and shoes to wear for work. They need to be flat shoes, as I work with children and also I'd appreciate some trouser recommendations to go with them.
I quite like the high waisted look but also cigarette pants. I have Victoria Beckham style in mind, she always looks fab, or a Parisian lady
Help me ladies, I'm not very good at seeing myself in things xx

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MissMiss1 · 27/08/2018 09:06

Can anyone help Sad

OP posts:
Gruach · 27/08/2018 09:14

Rather a wide field!

Perhaps you could give some indication of your budget?

And height?

And size?

And where you usually shop?

There is also a ‘Parisian’ dressing thread in Style & Beauty.

MissMiss1 · 28/08/2018 22:36

I'm late 40s and 5ft 8, size 8- 10
I really struggle to choose clothes for myself
I shop Zara, H&M, Primark
Anywhere really

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