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Processedpea · 18/08/2018 21:23

this is starting to worry me, back in the day the body shop did refills which was fab but obviously they don't know

we just seem to buy so much plastic products, what is the solution? i would gladly pay extra for a refill service but no-where seems to do this now?

Have swapped to bars of soap for showering but there is a long wasy to go..

OP posts:
HundredMilesAnHour · 18/08/2018 21:28

Haeckels use glass rather than plastic and they refill but you have to go to their actual shop (in Margate) I think.

They are very eco-conscious so might be worth you looking at (you can order online). They do an amazing seaweed vegan soap bar that I've switched to and totally swear by.

gonnabreakmyrustycage · 18/08/2018 21:30

With lush you return the pots to them and get a free face mask too.

thedevilinablackdress · 19/08/2018 09:39

It's not easy. Shampoo bars cuts out one bottle. I've never managed to get on with solid conditioner however. Local eco shop dies refills tho. Solid soap for face, so no bottled cleanser. As PP said, Lush take back pots. They also do solid deodorant, serum and other products. I've also made deodorant in the past, very easy and loads of recipies online. Neal's yard do glass bottles but is ££.

One way to really tackle it is to step away from a lot of the products we think we need. Not always easy...the marketing is so ingrained.

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