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lifebeginz · 14/08/2018 11:07 appears I have the very early stages of bunions eek....nothing major but there is a slight lump at the side of my foot and my big toe is turning in a teeny weeny bit...Is there anything anyone can recommend to stop them getting worse....I am now being conscious of what I put on my feet (though for rare nights out I will still wear my heels etc) and making sure I am bare feet when I am in the house at night. Bu just wondered if anyone has any pearls of wisdom that could help stop them in their tracks??? Much appreciated!

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lifebeginz · 16/08/2018 09:25


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Hecksonaplane · 16/08/2018 09:33

I saw a podiatrist and I mentioned mine, he said if you're going to get them you will regardless of what foot wear you've worn and men get them too.

Sorry not a lot of help! Just buy shoes that fit and give your foot space I think was the advice.

I hate mine, shoe buying is hard enough Hmm without this added pain!

Hopefully someone useful comes along Smile

Tisgrand · 16/08/2018 11:16

Mine started years ago, I went to a chiropodist who told me I also had fallen arches. She advised an arch support and toe separators. Of course at the time I didn't take her advice. Now my toes are very turned out. I've started using toe separators which I buy in Boots. When I first started wearing them they made my toes ache a tiny bit by the end of the day, but now I'm used to them its fine.

Chiropodist also told me that its nothing to do with shoes I used to wear, that its genetic and men as well as women get them.

sunnyBeach · 16/08/2018 20:48

I had surgery on 1 foot as mine started when I was very young. Toe separators are recommended but you should see a specialist but all my doctors said it's not possible to stop them if you get it. It's more of s case of how severe they can get.

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