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Color wow dream coat

5 replies

Peoplemaynoticeus · 13/08/2018 19:47

Has anyone used this? Or can anyone recommend a budget alternative? Thanks allSmile

OP posts:
LemnisKate · 13/08/2018 20:39

I have but wasn’t that impressed. It does make your hair smoother for a couple of days but it also made my hairbrush smell like old cooking oil so I stopped using it in case my hair started smelling the same way. If it’s for smoothing fizz and stopping humidity hair, I prefer Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Hair Oil for Frizzy Hair.

Peoplemaynoticeus · 13/08/2018 20:44

Oh I didn't realise it's for a certain type of hair (the salon was pushing it) my hair is wavy like beach waves but I don't always blow dry it just leave it to dry naturally. Thanks for letting me know

OP posts:
LemnisKate · 13/08/2018 21:20

Your hair sounds lovely and you were right not to buy the dreamcoat. It is heat activated so only works if you blow dry.

cardoon · 13/08/2018 21:35

There is a new one for curly hair

Timefortea99 · 13/08/2018 22:22

It gave my hair a weird texture. It seemed to last through a couple of shampoos. My hair looked a bit wiggy with it on. You can get a small travel size like I did. Save you a lot of £ if you don’t like.

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