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Girls trainers - mary jane style - anyone seen any?

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GrannyRoberts · 13/08/2018 16:05

Hi, I'm looking for trainers for my daughter for outdoor gym at school. Problem is she has sensory issues and is very fussy about shoes, can't tolerate anything with a tongue, and only really likes Mary Jane style shoes. I have seen a few in adult sizes but can't track down anything reasonably supportive in kids sizes. She's a size 11, fairly narrow of foot. Would really appreciate suggestions!

OP posts:
chezbot · 14/08/2018 01:17

The supermarkets and Marks usually do a Mary Jane plimsoll. My DD is at secondary now but we swore by these for PE during Primary

OuchLegoHurts · 14/08/2018 01:19

Yep Marks n Spencer's usually do a Mary Jane soft runner in Black or white

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