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Going from dyed dark back to blonde

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Queenofthedrivensnow · 12/08/2018 18:13

It's mostly box dye. First hair dresser was very reluctant to do it but I'm not that loyal. It's past bra strap length now but happy to loo quite a bit off. Can it be done? I've let it grow out quite a bit and let the dye fade for a couple of months. Experience?

OP posts:
N0tfinished · 12/08/2018 18:18

It might take a couple of sessions I'd say. Brace yourself for some damage as it'll have to be bleached. Maybe you could start with some highlights & see how it goes?

MorrisDancingViv · 12/08/2018 18:21

I did it. My hairdresser advised me to start using antidandruff shampoo in order to fade the the black. I then had highlights. I hated the first set as it looked very mousey. It took about 6 months to be very blonde (highlighted every other month but you could presumably highlight it more frequently than I did).

Queenofthedrivensnow · 12/08/2018 18:28

Thanks @MorrisDancingViv how long in between stopping the dark dye and getting the highlights?

OP posts:
N0tfinished · 12/08/2018 18:34

Isn't there some product that's supposed to lift dye?

I've just checked on boots, they have a selection of products- search 'hair colour remover'

MorrisDancingViv · 12/08/2018 18:48

I can't quite remember now but probably a couple of months. Black fades quite quickly but as I'm fairly mousey naturally it did look like I had grey roots for a bit which wasn't my best look!

MeanTangerine · 12/08/2018 18:50


hannnnnnnxo · 12/08/2018 19:23

It can definitely be done!

It’s better to go lighter gradually as this will protect the integrity of your hair. Otherwise you may get the colour you want in 1-2 sessions, but then your hair will start falling out and breaking off - so going slowly will ensure that you don’t ruin your hair!

How dark is it exactly? Black? Dark brown? Navy blue? Etc

Also blonde hair is very multi dimensional, blonde isn’t really just one specific colour, but a range of tones. So it will look more natural to gradually go lighter, than bleaching it all to one shade.

Jupiter9 · 12/08/2018 19:25

Dark is the new blonde. Good luck.

Queenofthedrivensnow · 12/08/2018 20:29

@hannnnnnnxo navy blue!!! It's had a kind of plum and a dark chocolate and a red on it not black

OP posts:
DilbyGlipob · 12/08/2018 21:16

I've done this loads of times, colour b4 is your friend. It takes all of the dye out. Be aware though - if you've used permanent colours previously they'd be peroxide based, so you won't get your natural colour underneath. It'll allow you to go much lighter more quickly though.

hannnnnnnxo · 12/08/2018 21:30

Right I see. That somewhat complicates things as your hair probably has a strong red undertone now. Not to worry - just aim during your first session to go to a light/mid brown. Then during your second session go lighter, either get highlights or have a 2nd full head bleach. It will be terrible on your hair to attempt to go blonde in one session, as you’ll have to bleach your hair heavily to remove all the red tones and get a yellow/blonde tone.

Use lots of head and shoulders shampoo to strip the colour as much as you can. I wouldn’t recommend using those Colour B4 products as they’re quite damaging, and you’ll end up with uneven results and a strange end colour to where you’ll probably end up in the salon to correct it anyway. I anything, maintain the condition of your hair by using loads of hydrating hair masks to prepare it for the future colour lightening.

Queenofthedrivensnow · 12/08/2018 22:08

@hannnnnnnxo the red dye was the most tenacious by far. Robust advice from you I reckon thank you x

OP posts:
Moonflower12 · 12/08/2018 23:57

Also with colour strip products they can go back dark afterwards- something to do with the colour molecules remaining in the hair.
I went from dark brown- almost black- to blonde. It took about 3 or 4 sessions with bleach baths done by my hairdresser. She is a mobile hairdresser. I think they are more willing to take the risk than a salon.
She put foils in too- different tones to take away from the brassy tones. Now it's a lightish blonde with ash tones.

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