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Need some nice smelly........please advise

31 replies

talcy0 · 30/05/2007 21:30

Bearing in mind Franny's recent post about stinky perfume ........

I need a nice subtle smelly.....

WHats nice???

OP posts:
pickledpear · 30/05/2007 21:35

the best one costs £4 from marks and spencers i thought the same as you just have oh it cant be good for that price but everyone comments on its nice fresh smell it has creams togo with it and shower gels it is called florentyna it has a fresh smell not to soapy or florally i usually wear tresor ,angel or chanel 5 but have to say i get through lots of this one. Marks and spencers have lots of different ones go try some out

elsieanjoanne · 30/05/2007 21:35

I like amour ad flowers by kenzo soft flowery

ScottishThistle · 30/05/2007 21:38

I love Donna Karan Cashmere Mist & every time I wear it somebody compliments me on my scent

talcy0 · 31/05/2007 15:49

Thanks all!

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talcy0 · 01/06/2007 08:30


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littlelapin · 01/06/2007 08:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rubyslippers · 01/06/2007 08:33

chanel no 19 - nice, light and summery

talcy0 · 01/06/2007 08:55

Thanks....just getting my sense of smell back (long story), but it may be only temorary...

Want something nice to smell for a change!!

OP posts:
Tutter · 01/06/2007 08:56

what kind of perfume do you like?

floral? citrussy? musky?

talcy0 · 01/06/2007 08:59

Used to use Eternity......apparently that's not good?!!!!!!

Couldn't smell it!!

Not musky....maybe fruity?

Not overpowering though.

Will go out and try some of those mentioned.

OP posts:
talcy0 · 01/06/2007 18:08


OP posts:
PinkMartini · 01/06/2007 18:20

Which post about stinky perfume? I wear Marc Jacobs and am so paranoid about BO that I do wear quite a lot

talcy0 · 01/06/2007 18:29

this thread

OP posts:
talcy0 · 01/06/2007 18:30

Need something nice but subtle

OP posts:
talcy0 · 01/06/2007 18:34

Franny.....just seen other thread....

I love you

OP posts:
talcy0 · 01/06/2007 19:21

Pease advise me

OP posts:
Chipstick · 01/06/2007 20:28

Chanel Allure - beautiful.

tasja · 01/06/2007 20:30

Davidoff Cool Water is nice

mamado · 01/06/2007 20:33

jo malone. fab but pricey...fantastic scents with loads of types that always get remarked on

bewilderbeast · 01/06/2007 20:37

coco mademoiselle

sylvev · 01/06/2007 21:46

Chance by Chanel, (new summer version just out really nice); Light blue, Dolce &Gabanna; Blue by Ralph Lauren and 5th Avenue, Elizabet Arden. Try the website, they sell testers of most makes, really good value!

binkleandflip · 01/06/2007 21:47

Truth is nice by Calvin Klein, also Armani Mania always gets nice comments. Karma by Lush is also really nice, very invigorating but very much an acquired taste.

talcy0 · 01/06/2007 23:19


OP posts:
hatwoman · 01/06/2007 23:30

another vote for Cool Water. dont; like the branding, bottle etc - I'm usually a sucker for these things and think of myself much more as a Chanel type. but Cool Water smells great so I forgive them the crap branding. just treated myself to some today in fact after a sveral month drought.

talcy0 · 03/06/2007 17:52


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