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Sleeveless tops to prevent getting a farmer's tan - seen any?

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TheBlonde · 24/05/2007 11:39

I am looking for nice sleeveless tops or vests
Suitable for everyday wear with jeans/trousers
Must not be skimpy as have to contain huge breasts and nursing bra

Seen anything nice anywhere?

OP posts:
Dogsby · 24/05/2007 11:40

you want a sleeveless shrit then imo

TheBlonde · 24/05/2007 11:57

Ah I have trouble getting shirts to fit over the boobs and then they're not great for pulling up to feed the baby

OP posts:
Dogsby · 24/05/2007 12:01


bigmouthstrikesagain · 24/05/2007 12:07

I am a 16/dd wearing bf bras - I have found nice vests in fat face - wide straps, v necks with figure flattering patterns (vertical stripes etc.) but they aren't the cheapest in the world.

I also layer a bit with vest tops and light see through type summer shirts (some nice tops in primark at the mo) all cotton and the patterns light materials dry quickly and help hide damp patches. The main problem I have is getting tops that are long enough as I am quitr tall.


MrsBadger · 24/05/2007 12:09

Next have a couple in their bargain 3-pk range
bottom left or top second from left here

latter good for tummy too

bigmouthstrikesagain · 24/05/2007 12:10

M&S do nice underwear type vest tops to hold in 'ripe' figures and boobs so I feel ok to go a bit floaty on top... still able to breast feed by pullng down vest and pulling up top iykwim.

ediemay · 24/05/2007 12:21

I like some of these

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