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Reliable, not ‘babyish’ watch for small-wristed 9yo - any suggestions?

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TheWineDarkSea · 24/06/2018 13:58

My 9yo is on her third watch - they break and aren’t fixable. She’s had these Timex ones as she’s small boned and I couldn’t find anything else that fitted her wrist (as it is, I chop several cm of the watch strap material off so it’s not going round twice).

Can anyone recommend a watch with a strap that can adjust right down, isn’t babyish (she doesn’t want ‘time teacher’ style ones) and that I won’t have to replace every year or so? She’s a careful child, so I’m prepared to pay a bit more as she’s unlikely to lose it.

OP posts:
knottybeams · 24/06/2018 14:02

Garmin do a kids fitness watch with a replaceable strap, and I think fitbit have one too. Or does she want a pure analogue watch?

WeeM · 24/06/2018 14:06

Swatch do a range for slightly older kids that don’t have the bits that help you tell the time.

MagicFajita · 24/06/2018 14:08

I bought my daughter (11) a swatch for Christmas, they have a few smaller watches that look grown up for older kids as a pp said.

TamiTayorismyparentingguru · 24/06/2018 14:08

My DD (10) has an ice watch - she got it 3.5 years ago and it’s still going strong. We’ve replaced the battery once but that’s it. She is also quite petite but it fitted her age 7 so I’m sure it would fit your dd.

MagicFajita · 24/06/2018 14:10

This one.

Reliable, not ‘babyish’ watch for small-wristed 9yo - any suggestions?
TheWineDarkSea · 24/06/2018 14:13

knottybeams She’d like pure analogue - there are kids at school with fitness watches but she’s not part of that group.

I’ll have a look at Swatch, but does anyone have any experience of how small they go?

Tami I’ve never heard of ice watches, do you mean the ICE mini in extra small?

OP posts:
MagicFajita · 24/06/2018 14:15

My daughter is very dainty and slight op , that swatch is perfect on her.

WeeM · 24/06/2018 14:17

My DD got the kiddy swatch when she was 4 and she has tiny wrists-it was a bit big on the tightest hole but still wearable. Not sure how the slightly older range size up in comparison though.

TheWineDarkSea · 24/06/2018 14:21

Thanks, all - I’ll have a chat to dd about which she prefers, but lots of things I would never have found.

OP posts:
TamiTayorismyparentingguru · 24/06/2018 14:24

I think it’s this one that DD has. It’s definitely not the mini one - it’s more grown up looking than the mini ones. I’m pretty certain it is from the women’s range.

boxoftoads · 24/06/2018 16:55

Kath kidson do pretty analogue watches for girls

PlayingForKittens · 24/06/2018 17:22

My 11 year old has a lorus, it has been through the washing machine and still works so it certainly qualifies as reliable!

oobedobe · 24/06/2018 21:04

My 9yo got this one last Christmas, it is Flik Flak (kids swatch), they are waterproof and hard wearing.

SnartyFartBlast · 24/06/2018 21:05


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