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hmmm think i need a new hair do

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misdee · 23/05/2007 22:26

think there is a pic of my current 'non-hair-do' in my profile. any suggestions.

just watching natalie imbruglia 'torn' vid and love her hair, but is it too 1990's

OP posts:
poptot · 23/05/2007 22:29

Can't really see it, is it long or short?

misdee · 23/05/2007 22:32

the red haired one its just above my shoulders at its longest point.

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 23/05/2007 22:37

not a very clear picture TBH.

misdee · 23/05/2007 22:38

hmmm i know. will try and get one done tomorrow

OP posts:
Furball · 23/05/2007 22:39

what about something like This

Furball · 23/05/2007 22:42

sorry, just seen it's sort of like that now. I'll have a shuft tomorrow as I'm off to bed

Furball · 24/05/2007 07:36



Furball · 24/05/2007 07:37

whatever you have, you need texture (sp?)

Furball · 24/05/2007 07:38

whatever you have, you need texture (sp?)

Furball · 24/05/2007 20:08

i like this one as well misdee

Bouquetsofdynomite · 24/05/2007 20:40

Have just spent ages cooing over your lovely pics!
How kinky is your hair? Just asking because I cut myself a fringe recently and then remembered that my hair is actually quite curly without at least 4" of weight. So do try and remember any disastrous haircuts from youth that you may have suppressed (surpressed?).
How about this?
Or you could always go for a 1920s bob-with-fringe (v short at the back, diagonal to front) if you're feeling confident and dramatic.

misdee · 24/05/2007 20:42

my hair is striaght straight straight!

like the reese witherspoon one, not sure i could do a bob with fringe, but need layers/textures definatly.

OP posts:
HonorMatopoeia · 24/05/2007 20:42

This may be minimally helpful if I can't find a pic but Kylie is now sporting a really lovely choppy style which I think would suit you. I'm off to google images......

HonorMatopoeia · 24/05/2007 20:48

Oh rats,sorry misdee. If it is any help at all the pic is in a recent magazine (possibly star?) and she's wearing a pucci dress

Furball · 24/05/2007 20:51

surely the reece one is soooo similar to what you already have, you just need to flick it out abit?

misdee · 24/05/2007 20:54

it is similar but mine hasnt been cvut for ages.

not sure if i need a re-style or just a tidy up.

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