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Hair products question

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TricityBendix · 23/05/2007 22:18

Hello - I've got a posh do to go to and want to do something different with my hair. It's a fairly short graduated bob at the moment, so I can't really put it up, and I normally just wear it straight and smooth, but wondered about doing something a bit more tousled and textured??

What do I put onto it / do with it to give it a much more textured look? Do I then do masses of hairspray to keep it like that all evening???

Or is that really naff?

OP posts:
colditz · 23/05/2007 22:19

Tip your head up side down, and blow dry with mousse.

TricityBendix · 23/05/2007 22:24

It's really fine and I need to avoid it just going fluffy, which it could. I'll end up looking like this I think it needs something to make it more like strands (sorry not girly enough to know right terminology)

OP posts:
colditz · 23/05/2007 22:30

The mouse will make it clump up more - but with fine hair you run the risk of crushing it under all the products!

colditz · 23/05/2007 22:30

A tiny but of wax works well.

snowwonder · 23/05/2007 22:33

i use a VO5 wax gel, to rough my ends when i am going out

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