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i wonder if ican maklet he longest thread title int eh world that will really annoy all of you by being on acitve comvos for ages

51 replies

CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 17:22


OP posts:
EvilSmellingBugger · 20/05/2007 17:23

Go on fish

Saturn74 · 20/05/2007 17:23

is it guaranteed to annoy ALL of us?

CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 17:24


OP posts:
Megglevache · 20/05/2007 17:24

Message withdrawn

CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 17:24

oh go di am SICK of sahm vs wohm#


OP posts:
Saturn74 · 20/05/2007 17:26

there are 45 unanswered threads.

CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 17:38


OP posts:
Saturn74 · 20/05/2007 17:54

you're doing well!

LongDistanceClara · 20/05/2007 17:54

You can't just put "." on them! That's cheating!

Saturn74 · 20/05/2007 17:56
CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 17:56

i odnt knwo owt abtu nappy folds or loollas

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 20/05/2007 17:56

shitty shite

FrannyandZooey · 20/05/2007 18:04

I agree, if the OP just wants a bump they can do it themselves

mozhe · 20/05/2007 18:13

Perhaps you could consider getting a job ?...( That'll get things rolling )

WelshBoris · 20/05/2007 18:14

Not part time though eh Mozhe?

CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 18:15

i think if you are very new youd just be sad no oen replied

OP posts:
CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 18:16

a job?
a who wil look afetr my kids m?

byt he time id paid childcare id be minus i think

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 20/05/2007 18:16

yes but


is not really an answer is it?

WelshBoris · 20/05/2007 18:19

If the question is what does a full stop look like

then yes it is

LongDistanceClara · 20/05/2007 18:22

If you just put a fullstop on the thread, it stops it being there for other people to answer and it's hardly an answer, is it?

Now, go back and do it properly or I'll run you over with my truck.

CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 18:22

ok well sod em
leave it balnk then

OP posts:
LongDistanceClara · 20/05/2007 18:26

No, go back and answer. I want to see

FrannyandZooey · 20/05/2007 18:30

LOL at everyone

this is like a convention for pernickety squabblers

cod I agree you should go back and do it properly

CODalmighty · 20/05/2007 18:31

fark em
twas out of charatherly nice anwya
they are losers no one likes

OP posts:
FrannyandZooey · 20/05/2007 18:31

yes now you have given them false hope that someone gives a shit

when they find out the truth (that we are nest of boozy shouty vipers) the shock may kill them

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