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Does anyone have a neat bikini line without resorting to waxing etc etc ?

14 replies

CaptainUnderpants · 18/05/2007 17:49

Well ??

or are the beauty salons destined to make money out of us ?

or am I abnormal ??

OP posts:
weebleswobble · 18/05/2007 17:50
MaryHinge · 18/05/2007 17:51

Hairy? Moi?

NoodleStroodle · 18/05/2007 17:53

Why oh why oh why do we have hair THERE!

Chelseamum · 18/05/2007 17:53

it looks cuter with a bit of a trim!

CaptainUnderpants · 18/05/2007 17:55

Oh I hate it , waxing just gets worse as you get older !!

OP posts:
Blandmum · 18/05/2007 17:58

I am not very hairy and my Minge is as god (or the goddess) created it.

Never had any Fanjo topiary

MaryHinge · 18/05/2007 18:02

A thread all about meeeeee! How kind!

CaptainUnderpants · 18/05/2007 18:03

Perhaps the answer is ( although too late for some of us ) is to never to start trimming and waxing in the first place !

All those high leg micro bikini bottoms !

OP posts:
MaryHinge · 18/05/2007 18:05

Does trimming encourage growth do you think? Or just get rids of the split ends?

hana · 18/05/2007 18:05

waxing is great, doesn't hurt that much and olnly for an instatnt

WednesdayAdams · 19/05/2007 22:05

come on girls.... no pain no gain!

keep trimming!

MaryHinge · 19/05/2007 22:07

I may just plait mine.

paulaplumpbottom · 19/05/2007 22:07

waxing is the only way

MaryHinge · 19/05/2007 22:09

Yeah but I'd have to change my name then.

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