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how to lighten hair

4 replies

cheeryface · 09/05/2007 16:18

blonde hair. is it true that putting lemon juice on and going in the sun does it? or am i going to bugger my hair up???

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 09/05/2007 16:20

Try one of those hennas from LUSH.

NOT lemon juice. It will dry your hair and make it like hay.

mumto3girls · 09/05/2007 16:23

it does work,but as expat says,your hair will be in crap condition afterwards...

cheeryface · 09/05/2007 16:31

would it not be o.k to dilute some in water pour over bonce and go in sun then ?

thought i'd found a natural way to do it there!

OP posts:
maisemor · 09/05/2007 16:32

Worked with me anyway, in the days when I was a blonde . Never had any problems with my hair going haylike, and you then have an excuse for sitting outside in the sun.

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