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West London day spa... any recommendations

5 replies

pupuce · 09/05/2007 12:06

A friend is having a significant birthday... I want to treat her to a day or 1/2 day at the spa. She lives near Hammersmith... any suggestions of a good spa in West London or even North London .... well anywhere London possibly.
Budget between £100 and £200

OP posts:
NoodleStroodle · 09/05/2007 12:09

Ones that spring to mind are Sanctuary in Covent Garden, Aveda spa somewhere in central London or Amida spa in Hampton

pupuce · 09/05/2007 12:20

Thanks for that... a looking as we speak.

OP posts:
alex8 · 09/05/2007 12:21

The Porchester baths is different, a turkish bath as well as treatments. I wish I had you as a friend!

or the Berkeley hotel has a pool on the roof.

incy · 09/05/2007 13:27

THe sanctury is lovely.

Earlybird · 09/05/2007 13:37

Do a google search for day/beauty spas in London, and search out ones in her area. Here's one site to get you started:

When you're relaxed after a luxurious/indulgent day, the last thing you want is to travel a long way to get home. At least, that's how I feel....

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